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If you're interested in purchasing doujinshi and other goods in Japan, you've come to the right place! I live in the Tokyo area and collect doujinshi myself, so I started offering shopping services and event pick-up services for fen outside Japan. Let me know how I can help!
Current Services:
For Sale - Masterpost
Mail Order/Online Shopping Proxy
In-store Shopping Service
Upcoming Events:
Super Comic City 23, 5/3-4
Movies Paradise 22, 6/15
Comiket 86, 8/15-17
Movies Paradise 23, 11/16 ❀

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Current exchange rate used: JPY100=USD1.05

Comiket 86 - Pick-up Service!

It's the big event of the summer -- COMIKET 86

Are you ready to order?

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Updated 7/21: I've uploaded a copy of the shopping list/invoice form I use here. You are welcome to download a copy to fill out with your shopping requests, or even just to fiddle with how the different shipping rates work for your order. :D

NAME: Comic Market (Comiket) 86
DATE: August 15-17th, 10:00~17:00
DEPOSIT DEADLINE: August 10th, 22:00 JST
CONTACT: fanservices.sales❀gmail.com
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Jun. 13th, 2014


Thank you, everyone who participated in the rainy days sale! Shipments were sent out a few hours ago, except for those being held for Movies Paradise combined shipping.

I’m considering doing more of these sales in the future, so I have a question: do you prefer discount sales (aka 5 off 50, or x% off), free stuff with purchase, or free shipping?

I’m also considering follower-only time sales, but I know a lot of people who have ordered with @fan-services regularly found me through LJ or web searches, and may not even have Tumblr…? I’ll think about it. :)

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Rainy Days Sale!


Rainy days sale on all fan services​ shop items going on now until Friday, June 13th!
I really need to clear out some space before Movies Paradise, so please take a look ^^;;

$5 off purchases over $50,

$10 off purchases over $100,

and FREE basic international shipping!

But this is only valid until midnight on June 13th, so I can get the packages out that afternoon. Don’t miss out!

Details: Sale applies to shop items only. Combined shipping with other order types is okay, but shipping will be discounted, not free. Free shipping is SAL; tracking service and other upgrades are paid options. Payment deadline is June 12th, 23:59 Japan time.

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Hello, everyone! Rainy season has just begun, and what a start it is. (Four days of constant rain, boo.)

The next batch of shipments will be going out later today. I know there are a few I haven't contacted with the final amounts due, and I will arrange pick-up for those packages later in the week.

I've had to alter the terms for mail orders/direct orders/online shopping/whatever it's being called now slightly, due to a few rather expensive requests I've received in the past few months. Expensive orders -- for example, Y30000 at a shop for a handful of pricy items -- will be charged at a 15% rate instead of a flat fee (subject to change as I work the numbers). For orders I've already agreed to, you don't need to worry about any changes, this is just for future note.

I'm also thinking about a sale to clear out some of the shop stock. With Movies Paradise coming up (and my inability to not buy ALL the things), I really need more space in the apartment. I'll make an announcement soon, here and on tumblr -- it will be this week only, specifically for shop purchases. 

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Movies Paradise is in one week!

Just a reminder that deposits are due June 9th, 22:00 JST. Send me an email if you need any help!

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The End of an Era, by SH2JW

The last book by this very popular BBC Sherlock artist is now for sale on Toranoana! Email me if you'd like help getting it. But be warned, if it's anything like her last books, it will sell out rather quickly.

If you are looking for her full set of three books, I am selling them here.

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note regarding SCC23 orders

It has been brought to my attention that I was accidentally using an older exchange rate when invoicing these orders. For those who have already paid, I will be sending out the adjustment refunds soon. For those who have not (or were owed a refund from their deposit anyway), your numbers have been corrected. (It's only been a discrepancy of USD 0.89-5.13, but...)

Like always, if you would like a PDF copy of the invoice (which includes a full fee breakdown), just let me know and I'll create one for you.

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Event: Movies Paradise 22

The circle list is up, and away we go!

Movies Paradise is a western fandom doujinshi event, covering movies and live-action TV shows. This time, it will be held on June 15th in Ikebukuro. 895 circles are participating! \o/ Please click on "サークルリスト" on the event page for more details. On the circle list page, selecting the viewing options "ジャナル" and "配置順リスト" will allow you to view the circle details approximately grouped by fandom.

Edit 5/13: Commission rate fixed to match SCC.

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NAME: Movies Paradise 22
DATE: June 15th, 12:00~16:00
CONTACT: fanservices.sales❀gmail.com
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SCC Finished!

SCC is done for this year. I've contacted the Day 1 orders, and should receive the shipment of Day 2 books tomorrow for sorting and packing. I may have some accidental pick-ups/extras in the BBC Sherlock fandom, so feel free to message me if you're interested. I will update the sales album accordingly a bit later. (Thanks to SH2JW attending, I now have a few full sets of her English-language BBC Sherlock doujinshi up for sale, for those who missed the event.)

Up next is Movies Paradise! Pick-up service will be run similarly to last time, but I'll be making a dedicated post soon. The circle list has been released, so please check it out on their website: http://ketto.com/mp 895 circles this time!


UPDATE: DEADLINE EXTENDED to the end of April 28th, JST -- due to a change in travel plans, I will be out of contact until that morning.


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